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From collecting to publishing the circulars

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The members of the Fiduciae program’s coordination and scientific teams have collected and analyzed the data available on this website. Each of them participated in the extraction and subsequent input of the data into the Fiduciae database (to learn more about the project, please check here). The circular letters presented on this website were collected by Claire Lemercier (Greffulhe collection), Mathieu de Oliveira (Foach and Briansaux collections), Nadège Sougy (Guérin collection), and Arnaud Bartolomei (Guérin and Roux collections). We are immensely grateful for the support offered by the staff in charge of the archival collections we used in our research.

Professionals digitalized only a subset of the reproductions available on our website. The company Copeia (Arles, France) digitalized the majority of the Roux circulars. The researchers themselves photographed the other circulars and had intended them for internal use only. We believe the wealth of information that lies in the documents beyond the metadata that we already extracted and made available to the public outweighs the inconvenience created by the variable quality of the digital reproductions. We hope the reader embraces this view too.

The databases used for the final scientific publications are more complex than the ones available online. The choice of not making available on the website the entirety of the scientific data extracted from the circulars under the Fiduciae program was guided by a desire to simplify the database to make it more readily accessible and usable by the public, and — to the extent that it is possible — free from the biases introduced by our own research questions.

Special thanks to Julien Mineo for making the online publication possible by taking the lead on the uniformization and standardization of the research data. We also would like to thank the librarians and IT personnel of the University of Côte d’Azur Library, Françoi Gherabi, Elia Dittman, and Laurence Gramondi. They worked under the coordination of Mathieu Saby and in collaboration with Arnaud Bartolomei, Claire Lemercier, and Viera Rebolledo-Dhuin to design, create, and administer this website.  Finally, we are grateful for the TGIR Humanum teams who hosted our data and offered technical support, as well as for the financial and personnel support of the French National Agency for Research, the University of Côte d’Azur, and the Center for Modern and Contemporary Mediterranean Studies.

While Fiduciae stopped receiving long-term funding in December 2017, the program lives on, with several additional projects in the making, such as the addition to the website of new circular-letters collections available in French and in foreign archives.

We encourage visitors who would like to participate in these additional projects — by pointing us to existing collections or by collaborating in the digitalization or extraction of metadata necessary to publish them online — to contact us at the following address: